Turkish Bath

The Turkish bath has a very important place in Turkish culture, it is really beneficial to our health. Ottomans physicians emphasize the importance of the Turkish Bath; This application must be persistent. Turkish Bath does not prolong the life but it helps to be healthy and benefits the health of the whole body.

Basic Maintenance in the Turkish Bath
To get an Peeling in the Turkish Bath: Before the peeling your body needs to warm up a little bit. The peeling will provide the removal of dead skin and dirty layer in the body and this cleaning will relaxed the body.
Soap and foam Bath: To increase the benefits of the pouch, a soft fiber will be used and should be washed with a natural soap. In the same way, lying on a bath stone the whole body waits in a foamy way to increase the effect of the pouch.

The Main Benefits Of Baths

  • The effect of hot air and steam in the Turkish Bath will soften all the dirt that fills the pores in your body. With the made pouch all pores will get opened. So your skin will get rid from the dead skins and gets more oxygen. A healthy skin is formed by accelerating cell renewal.
  • The happiness hormones called serotonin and erdorfin are secreted in abundance by the effect of the temperature in the Turkish Bath. With the release of the hormone of happiness, the body rests and your mind is open all day. The bath takes stress and calms the mind.
  • A bath is good for muscle aches and muscle cramps. Especially after sport the Turkish bath is recommended. Causes pain in joints and muscles to pass quickly.
  • The blockage of the sinuses in allergic and allergic asthma patients opens comfortably with the hot steam in the bath.
  • It accelerates metabolism and blood circulation. It helps to get more oxygen into the body. The body throws toxins through the Turkish Bath. Fat burning occurs. For this reason, people who want to lose weight baths are recommended.


The person get scrubbed totally by a “ Tellak” Then a Foam treatment will be applied to whole the body. This process takes approximately 30 minutes. It helps to renew the skin and open pores of the body.

Foam Massage

The person get placed on the Turkish Bath stone. Then a foam treatment will be applied to whole the body. After that the foam massage starts and takes 30 minutes.


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