Relaxing Room

You can rest in our seats, watch TV, documentary and all the encrypted match broadcasts.

A person needs three gold keys to open the door to a quality life. These are healthy eating, regular movement and adequate rest. If one of these items is wrong, we should know that our quality of life may deteriorate. In general, weight loss, exercise, strength, healthy life, everyone wants to know about issues such as how to eat and how to act. The rest is a matter of less importance and ignored by everyone.

Our body performs many positive developments and changes during rest due to nutrition and exercise. During the rest of our body is repaired, nourished, structured, grows and even burns fat. The importance of resting on fat burning also creates logic confusion in many people. However, after a good workout, the body spends calories during rest. In other words, some of the energy used during the body’s construction is obtained from fats. At the same time, we should never forget that growth hormone, is one of the most important hormones for the development and structuring of our bodies, and don’t forget it is secreted in high levels during your sleep.


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