Massage is one of the most important therapy methods that allow us to relax mentally and physically, which has been used in medical terms for thousands of years. Massage, which allows the muscles to relax , can also be seen as some kind of meditation that rejuvenates the body.

Medical Massage: Depending on the pain area and person’s request. It also lasts between 20 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the demand.

Massage Of ShiatsuThe purpose of the Shiatsu massage is to eliminate the imbalance in the distribution of energy and the consequences of the imbalance. The application generally includes all of the touch, pressure application, shaking, mild impact, stretch and joint operation techniques. As a result of the exchange of energy between two people, it is aimed to stimulate the body energy of the patient. The application is actually simple and practical. Shiatsu massage gives people lightness, peace and vigor. It helps to increase the flexibility of muscle tissue. Shiatsu massage is good for headaches and back pain. It makes the mind clear and increases your thinking speed.

Relax Massage: A gentle massage. Massage is usually used as a general relaxation method to get rid of the daily intensity problems of life or to start the day. The important thing is that the massaged person is able to feel comfortable and rested in a comfortable environment.

Deep Tissue Massage: Deep tissue massage is designed to relieve severe tension in the connective tissue called the muscle and fascia. The technique targets deep tissue. The problem areas are usually stressed on the tense and spasmically muscled muscles. Reduces chronic pain. Has a positive effect on stress and blood pressure. Serotonin (happiness) stimulates the release of hormones that cause you to feel happiness and good feelings. Used as a treatment for injured muscles. The effect that is used for sports injuries is very high.

Aroma Therapy Massage: A massage method that is applied using massage oils prepared from mixtures of plant extracts. In this massage, attention is low tempo and the intensity of movements are mild . It is a relaxing massage. It is good for the following things; pain in the back, arthritis, sports injuries, muscle and joint disorders(sprains, hurt) stress, anxiety, restlessness, tension, insomnia, headache, migraine, respiratory, circulatory and digestive problems, otolaryngology.

Foot Massage (Reflexology): Approximately 7,000 of the nerve endings of our body are located in our feet. Our feet are also where all the nerve endings are. Reflexology is a massage and treatment method that is usually applied to the foot area especially to the foot base. It gives the effect to the whole body after massage. Blood circulation is accelerated and the body provides a high quality relaxation session. Stress and tension are reduced. Improves sleep quality.

Swedish Massage: Partially (local) or fully applied classical massage to the body by increasing circulation speed tissues-cells revitalize, regulates circulation, muscle tension, strengthens concentration. The important thing is to help the Massager get rid of the fatigue and stress of the day, and to make him feel fit and rested in a relaxed and pleasant environment. It is usually done with massage oil, but in some cases it is possible to apply classical massage without using lubricant.

Our massages are done as long as you want.


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